What You Didn’t Know About The Book Of Revelation

Just The FactsThere’s no other book in the Bible quite like the Book of Revelation. Many people avoid this important book of the Bible because they think it’s too confusing or frightening. While Revelation may be challenging to understand, to not delve into this book is to miss the most powerful and important Revelation of all: the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

The Book of Revelation, full of complex imagery and vivid depictions, outlines God’s plan for the Second Coming of Christ and Satan’s punishment in the lake of fire. Unlike other books in the New Testament, it’s a work of prophecy, talking primarily about future events. Fueled by the popular fascination with the end of the world, “apocalyptic” books and movies have become staples of pop culture and fine art.

Yet the average person still has much to learn about the Book of Revelation. Here are a few interesting facts about it that all people should know.
1. Before Roman Emperor Domitian exiled the Apostle John to the Greek island of Patmos, where experts say he wrote the Book of Revelation, he ordered him boiled in oil, but John miraculously survived.
2. Revelation came to John in a vision, perhaps the reason for the great use of imagery in the book.
3. The Book of Revelation uses 21 symbols, beginning with the “seven lampstands,” representing seven churches in Asia Minor.
4. Although firmly ensconced in popular culture, the word “rapture” does not appear in the English Bible. Rapture is an anglicized version of the Latin word “raeptius.”
5. Revelation is the only book in the New Testament that uses the word “Alleluia,” indicating praise to God, and it appears four times – all in Chapter 19.
6. The forces of evil will gather in the Valley of Megiddo in Israel—once called the “ideal battlefield” by Napoleon—before the climactic Battle of Armageddon. The carnage will be so great that the blood of the evil army will flow as high as horses’ bridles (Revelation 14:14-20 and Revelation 19:11-21).
7. The Lord Jesus uses just one angel to bind Satan and throw him into a bottomless pit for one thousand (1000) years — an indication of Jesus’ power over evil (Revelation 20:1-3).

A Final Thought;
God says that anyone who reads the book of Revelation and takes it to heart will be blessed (Revelation 1:3). But in the last chapter, He warns of dire consequences for anyone who would dare add anything or take anything away from the book (Revelation 22:19).

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