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There are more questions on your mind as a teenager today than there are credible answers out there and many of these questions are personal and often not voiced.

Questions such as:

  • What does God think about Porn?
    Dating and Falling In Love as a teenager, Is it OK?
    How can I be a constant success?
    What career should I do in future?

and many more.

Welcome Take5, an exciting talk show series for young people that gives scripture-based answers to those throbbing questions on your mind.

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Take5 Testimonies

Latest testimonies from around the world.

Hello Take 5 team!
Greetings to you all,
I have learnt so many great things from Take 5. If I could write it all, I will need many weeks to keep writing. One of the episodes I would want to share is episode 7 which happened late last year. What was talked about is few ways to receive the Holy Spirit. In Acts 19:6-7 it shows ways others can receive the Holy Spirit by laying hands and praying for that individual.
Another way is to ask the father in faith through the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the secret of success in every individual. In the teens live segment, they talked about different topics on the subject of prayer.
I gained lots of wisdom. One of the crews mentioned how God isn’t really interested in your fluency of words by rather praying the right way. Another point mentioned was speaking in tongues. I learned that speaking in tongues is not just random blabbing but rather speaking God’s language and it strengthens me as a person.
1 Corinthians 14:2 also shows more importance of speaking in tongues. There are many more to share but I will stop here.
Shout out to Elkanah , Efe, Joyce, P.J, and other Take 5 crews. God bless you all!!

I loved the first episode of Take 5 on the Mic, it was very insightful. One thing I’ve learned from the episode is the role of tongues in shaping our personality or rather character into bold,confident and fearless individuals as teenagers faced with all kinds of situations on a daily basis.

I must say I’ve truly been blessed by the broadcast, as one of the young Christians who s struggled with fear,lack of self confidence and shyness.

Thank you Take5 OAP’s, you’re amazing !

Hello Loveworld. Thanks for this beautiful show “Take 5 on tha Mic” please what is the age range of a teenager? Here in Mumbai, some traditions permit 18 years old to get married. So, should I not love my husband if I marry her at an early age?

Hello Loveworld Radio.

Congratulations on the New Teens show “Take 5 On Tha Mic” it’s a great pointer for me and my siblings, especially the topic of the Teens segment, “Can a teenager fall in Love? I have had this heated argument with my elder sister because she’s just 18 and she is just talking about marriage, not even dating. I have prayed and prayed on her behalf, but thank God we were just having Lunch together and Booom! This show came up from her own phone. I pray she totally adhere to the advice. Please pray for us and her especially, her life style has become a worry to my parents lately, even though she went to church on Sunday after 11 months and after listening to this show on LoveworldRadio. God bless you.

Hello Good people of Loveworld. My name is Carlo Antonioni from Argentina. I’m not a teenager, but I really enjoyed this teenagers show ” Take 5″ I’m a correctional officer in Buenos City and I will propose that kids in this Center always will listen to this show at least ones a week. Dear presenters, can you please talk about drug abuse on teenagers and the use of teenagers to cause vise’s and some illegal activities in schools and other learning centers. Its common in this part of the world.
May God help us.

Hello Loveworld radio.

I want to specially thank Pastor Chris for this opportunity to be something Big “Take 5 on tha Mic” is Big. When I listen to the presenters, I see Pastor Chris in them. The same passion, same zeal, same message. You guys are Life changers. I’ve been a fan of Loveworld Radio and now Take 5* is my favourite.
Much Love from Frank in Frankfurt Germany.

Hello Loveworld Radio.

All thanks and Praises be to God who made it possible for us to be here today. I want to send a special greetings to Efe, one of the presenter of “Take 5 on tha Mic” he’s very intelligent and brilliant. Please what’s the name of the Host, she always introduce her guest but don’t mention her name. Kudos to everyone in the studio. Shalom!

Congratulations to the presenters and producers of Loveworld Radio.

Please what is the meaning of “Take 5” ??

I love the show and I want to introduce it to my friends in school.


Hello to the amazing presenters of Loveworld Radio. Please how can we make this show ‘Take 5 On Tha Mic’ more Groovy? The OAP’S sound so much like they’re reading from a script and if they’re really reading from a script, I’ll advise we make it more open and fun. It’s tooo Scripted!

Greetings to my brethren in Loveworld Radio. I love this platform so much, they’ve shows that covers almost every aspect of Life, Kudos to you guys. Take 5 Show is very Inspiring and educational. I and my little brother is sending our shout out to everyone in the studio.

Please my birthday is on the 14th of February, I look forward to celebrated on this show. Please don’t forget, because I’ve told my friends in school and they’re looking forward to it too.

Thanks a bunch, Take 5 Rocks!

Valentina Robertson from Stockholm University, Sweden.

Dear Esteemed Presenter of Loveworld Radio “Take 5 On Tha Mic” please which studio is hosting this show, because you keep saying take 5 studios and some say Loveworld Radio Studios? If Take 5 really has a studio, please where is it situated? And all the Christmas Shout out was saying on this station and never mentioned on Loveworld Radio, why can’t they simply say, Merry Christmas and keep listening to Take 5 On Loveworld Radio? This is Loveworld. I love the show, that’s why am commenting. Gracias!

Greetings to my Lovelies at Loveworld Radio. Congratulations on all the beautiful and inspiring episodes of ‘Take 5 On Tha Mic” Please how can we see the face of the Presenters, it’s nice we see how they look like, they’re really blessing lives around the world.

Tuning in to hear Young Adults Share the word of God with full Revelation of the New Creation, Scriptural edification and Divine Answers is the best thing that can happen to anyone who truly love God.

This show “Take 5” is a Bar Raiser, Faith Booster and Life Pointer, not just for teenagers around the world, but for everyone.

I want to specially celebrate firstly, everyone at Loveworld Radio, secondly, the Producers of this Amazing Show and thirdly, PJ and Elkana for their consistency, sacrifice and true love for our master JESUS CHRIST.

God bless you!

Hello Loveworld Radio, thank you for this awesome show *Take 5 On Tha Mic* I was blessed on the recent Episode you did on Homosexuality.

Just like you knew that this same topic and Sinful behavior was about to be a norm in my school. I was able to record some part of the show in my phone, but when I played it for some of my friends and they went ahead to reported it as divisive and controversial content and warned me to devoid from such.

Even though the school authority believed that I’ve been stopped and penalized but the truth will always prevail someday.

Please, keep the fire burning, the days are evil indeed. Cheer up brethren, the word works.

Greetings to my Amazing Personalities of Loveworld Radio. Please can we add more charisma to the “Take 5 On Tha Mic Show” The show is loaded with so much Divine realities and its very inspiring, but there’s room for improvement. This is the best place to be. Thank you Pastor Chris, you’re the best Dad.

Hello dear presenters of the *Take 5 On Tha Mic Show*. Thanks for the consistency for almost a year now. I was removed as the Head of Course in my School for playing these show in our general Assembly.

I allowed over 2000 students participate live in the show and the school authorities tagged it bias and detrimental against social norms and ethics. I’m not regretting my action, because Jesus must be preached.

So therefore, I want to encourage you to continue in faith, and put out more striking topics and Godly opinions out there. Someone else will come across it and even do much more than me in spreading the good news.

I love you all.

Beloved and beautiful people of the Loveworld Radio “Take 5 Show”.

Please, can we extend the time for these Great Show?
There’s so much to learn and the Time is too short.


Hello Loveworld Radio presenter. I want to thank the host and crew members of the *Take 5 On Tha Mic Show*.

Please can we do the show in a way that it won’t be obvious that we’re following a script. This is an amazing concept and kudos to the producers.

You’re loved and appreciated.

Greetings to my brethren in Loveworld Radio. Congratulations to the *Take 5 Crew*, Excellent show, beautiful idea and Amazing On Air personalities.

You guys rock.

Best Wishes from Rio de Janeiro. Hello Loveworld Radio, I want to send a special greeting to “Elkana, Joyce, Ada and PJ” wow this show is truly full of information, Their synergy and style of presenting is lovely, every Teenager needs to listen to these Show.

kisses to y’all, cheers!

Dear Loveworld Radio presenter of the *Take 5 On Tha Mic Show*. Thank you for dedicating so much time to talk about the real issues of life.

I gave my life to Christ while listening to this Station, and am also encouraging many to do so in my little community. This is the best place to be as a born again Christian.

Listening to this show has given me so much insight into so many things.

You guys are truly Amazing Personalities. I’m loving the presentation now, no more mumbling of words, instead we’ve inspiring messages and Sensitive Topics.


Hello dear presenters of Loveworld Radio *Take 5 On Tha Show* I daily Thank God for using this Station to bring my husband back to church after stopping from attending any service for several years.

He’s now an ardent Soulwinner and number one sponsor of our Evangelical activities.

All Glory to the most high God. Hallelujah!