The Word Of Righteousness – Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional April 18th



(Practise Speaking Righteousness)

TO THE BIBLE: Hebrews 5:13
“For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe.”

Some versions of Hebrews 5:13 use words like “doctrine” and “teaching” instead of “word.” However, what’s being communicated in this verse is much higher; the phrase “word of righteousness” is “logos dikaiosunē” (Greek), which, in fact, means “speaking righteousness” or a communication of righteousness.

To further understand this, we’ll examine how Jesus responded when He was tempted by Satan in Matthew 4: He quoted Scriptures each time but not as one who was responding from the standpoint of the Law.

For example, when the Bible says, “You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15), it was written to Israel as one of the commandments.

But when you become a Christian, “You shall not steal” isn’t applicable to you! It doesn’t apply to you because of your recreated spirit. Does that mean you can steal? Of course not! In Christianity, you have a nature that doesn’t steal.

You’re of the higher class. You don’t live by the Law or commandments because the Bible says, “…The law is not made for a righteous person…” (1 Timothy 1:9).

So, when the Lord Jesus said to Satan, “…It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone…’” (Matthew 4:4), He was describing His life; it was a description of His righteousness. Hallelujah!

Always, God expects you to respond with the Word as Jesus did. It’s not just about memorising the Scriptures so you can quote them; it’s about speaking righteousness and communicating in line with your new nature in Christ—who you are in Him.

Sometimes, in responding with the Word, the scripture you’re quoting might not be verbatim, but you’re aware that what you’re saying is consistent with God’s Word; the message goes to your spirit in the language of the Spirit.

When you respond to Satan and life’s challenges like that, you’ll always be victorious! Praise God!

Go Deeper
1 Corinthians 2:12-13; Colossians 3:16; Romans 10:6-8

My life is the expression of the glory and dominion of Christ. I live the higher life. I’m an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ; the whole world is mine! The divine life is at work in me, and that life of God is activated in every fibre of my being. Glory to God!

Daily Bible Reading
Luke 17:1-19, 1 Samuel 3-7
Mark 3:8-19, Leviticus 18

Declare words of righteousness as the new creation in Christ that you are.

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