The Clean And Guarded Heart! – Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional August 13th

(Protect Your Heart With God’s Truth)

TO THE BIBLE: Proverbs 23:19 NIV
“Listen, my son, and be wise, and set your heart on the right path:”

There’re things that some people do that invite demons into their lives without their knowledge.

They yield themselves to the influence of demons through certain kinds of music and dance, among several other things, for example, Christians who visit pornographic websites open themselves to demons.

In the Old Testament, God forbade His children from looking at the nakedness of others (Leviticus 18). Such things aren’t acceptable to God. They’re not consistent with the life of righteousness.

Think about it: How does Christ come into the heart of a man? When you believe in Jesus and confess His Lordship, He comes into your heart in an instant.

That’s the same way a man can open his heart to demons when he exposes himself to things that are inspired by demons.

Protect and keep yourself from all unrighteousness. The Bible says, “…God’s [holy] wrath and indignation are revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who in their wickedness repress and hinder the truth and make it inoperative” (Romans 1:18 AMPC).

Refuse to harbour unclean thoughts. Use the Word to purify your heart of anger, bitterness, and malice.

The Word of God is a cleanser. As you meditate on the Word, you’re cleansed from ALL unrighteousness: “You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you” (John 15:3).

Live as a Christian. Our opening verse says to keep your heart on the right course—on God’s truth. Protect your mind and spirit with the Word.

Let your heart delight in His Word and His righteousness, and live a life worthy of Him—pleasing Him in every way. Hallelujah!

Go Deeper
1 John 2:16; Psalm 119:11; Proverbs 4:23

Satan, the god of this world, has nothing in me! The Lord has given me dominion over the flesh, to guard my heart and mind with all diligence. No unwholesome thought can take root in my heart. My spirit, my mind, and my body are yielded to the Word and purified by the Word every day, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading
Romans 15:5-13, Psalms 94-98
Philippians 2:12-18, Isaiah 64

Study and meditate on Proverbs 23:26 (NIV), which says, “My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.”

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