Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional September 13th – Dream Lofty Dreams

(Don’t Hold Back On Your Dreams Of Success)

TO THE BIBLE Genesis 37:5
“And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more.”

There’re no laws in heaven or on earth against dreaming big. So, as a Christian, you’re at liberty to dream and dream big. Let your dream of success be significant and lofty enough for God to get involved with it. Let your dreams be such that’ll require the power of God to accomplish them.

That’s why I love the man Joseph in the Bible. As a young boy, his dreams were out of this world! Though his brothers hated him for all his extraordinary dreams of greatness, he kept on dreaming and telling them about his dreams.

A man with a big dream can attract God’s attention. That’s why even in prison, Joseph kept rising to the top. He eventually became the Prime Minister of Egypt and preserved both Egypt and several other nations from famine.

It’s time for you to dream and dream big. It’s a decision you must make. Dream big for your grades, family, career and everything that concerns you.

Make sure your vision for success is big enough to require the supernatural element! Stretch your vision. Refuse to allow your mind to go to sleep; keep dreaming! See yourself doing big things.

Have a different way of thinking. Your heavenly Father is big, and His resources are limitless. Not only is He able to cause your visions of success to happen, but He’s also more willing and enthusiastic about your success than you could ever be.

Go Deeper
Isaiah 54:2-3; Genesis 37:9-11

My mind is continually open to receiving new ideas. I refuse to see myself small in life, for the God I serve is the limit-breaker! I see my greatness, my increase and my influence bursting forth on every side in the Name of Jesus!

Daily Bible Reading
2 Corinthians 12:1-21, Ecclesiastes 3-5
Luke 22:44-53, 2 Samuel 1

Practise closing your eyes to imagine and dream big while talking God’s Word to yourself; do so while seated and see yourself in the picture of that desired thing or changed situation.

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  • 🙏 . Always dream big and meditate on the word of God .

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