Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional October 13th – It’s Day-To-Day Victory

(Your Life Is An Endless Victory Parade)

TO THE BIBLE: Luke 1:68-71
“Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, for He has visited and redeemed His people, and has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of His servant David, as He spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets, who have been since the world began, that we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us.”

One beautiful thing about the salvation we have in Christ is that we have absolute victory over the enemy and can serve God without fear.

We’ve been delivered from the powers of darkness and translated into the glorious Kingdom of God’s dear Son, who leads us in the paths of righteousness and in the triumphal excursions of life.

Thus in Christ, your life is a victory parade. It doesn’t matter who stands against you; it doesn’t matter what they say about you or against you; you have absolute victory in Christ.

The latter part of our opening scripture says, “…That we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us.” This is God’s decree concerning you, and it came into force with the coming of the Lord.

It means whoever declares himself your enemy, whoever may hate you or plan evil against you will never be able to overpower you, for Christ is your victory.

Therefore, never be bothered about your adversaries. You don’t even have to pray against them, for the Bible says, “When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell” (Psalm 27:2).

Notice the scripture above didn’t say, pray against the wicked or your enemies from coming against you; they are free to come out against you. But their end has been determined: they’ll stumble and fall.

Learn to take the Lord simply at His Word! He says in Luke 10:19: “…Nothing shall by any means hurt you.” There’s absolutely no justification for a Christian to live or respond to any circumstance out of fear. Refuse to be afraid of anything or anyone.

Go Deeper
Colossians 1:12-13

Heavenly Father, I give you thanks for your Word has given me understanding and knowledge of my victory in Christ Jesus over Satan and the powers of darkness. I’m so glad I can live to serve you free from fear of the devil and the wickedness in this world! I go out today knowing that no evil shall befall me, and I’m delivered from wicked and unreasonable men, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading
1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:1-13, Isaiah 57-58
Hebrews 6:1-10, Ezekiel 7

Read Psalm 91 out loud, making sure to personalise it as you read.

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