Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional March 21st – Don’t Fade Out!

(Remain Fresh And Success-Minded For Jesus!)

TO THE BIBLE Romans 12:11 AMPC
“Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord.”

Part of the reason young people can be very successful, where older people fail, is that many young people don’t know enough to be afraid.

Most older people know too much; they have too much information about what doesn’t work. They remember when they tried out something and it failed, and so they became cynical. It’s a lot harder to inspire such people to make a fresh move or have a fresh start.

Understand that being old in this context isn’t so much about a person’s age, but about the state of his mind. Your body might age, but refuse to age in your mind.

Think fresh; think success. God loves to use young people, because they think fresh all the time; they easily believe, and are always passionate about learning something new.

It’s never too late to learn and be inspired by a dream of success; God can still use you, no matter your age.

What will you be like when you’re ninety-two? I can tell, if you put this message to work: You won’t be crying that nothing works.

Instead, you’ll be the one teaching and imparting faith to the younger generation. You’ll be changing lives with the Gospel, speaking in tongues, prophesying, and speaking words of faith by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died, and at that age, he was still strong and vibrant. The Bible says, “…His eyesight was sharp; he still walked with a spring in his step” (Deuteronomy 34:7 MSG).

Go Deeper
Psalms 103:5; Joshua 14:10-11

Dear Father, I thank you for stirring my heart with your Word to gain the right inspiration! My mind is anointed to see and accept possibilities. I’m energised and aglow in my spirit to impact the world of my time, through supernatural ideas inspired in me by your Spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading
Luke 4:1-13, Deuteronomy 18-21
Matthew 24:34-44, Exodus 30

What is that thing you can do today that will bless someone immensely? Go ahead and do it!

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