Prophecy is in two categories: “Foretelling” and “Forth-telling.” To foretell, according to the scriptures, means to tell ahead of time things in the mind of God concerning a person or people, places or events.

“Forth-telling,” on the other hand, means to speak forth, tell out or tell forward what is in the mind of God. It’s the declaration of events in the mind of God or the declaration of a particular Word from God to an individual, people, place, or event for a particular time.

To prophesy, therefore, would mean to speak words of power, words filled with the ability of God to cause changes and make things to happen. Whether you’re foretelling events or speaking forth the mind of God concerning an issue, person(s), place or event, as long as it comes to pass, it’s a word of power.

This means such words must contain a divine ability to make them come to pass. They must be from God and be inspired by His Spirit. That’s what prophecy is, because you spoke ahead of time and your words came to pass!

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