London is an amazing city full of rolling green parks, cherry red buses, royal palaces, and it’s the perfect multicultural large city with something for everyone.

Its history is fascinating; its architecture is breathtaking with millions of foreigners visiting the city every passing year. Its long, fairy-tale-like history reveals itself through its architectural masterpieces, cultural and social diversity, and unbelievable stories.

If you think you know everything about the United Kingdom’s capital, we’re sure you’d like to know more.

To feed your curiosity, below are a few interesting facts about the city of London.

1. According to a recent survey conducted, 49.4% of London’s population identified themselves as Christians.

2. The London Eye opened in 2000, and 30 million people have ridden it since.

3. London, a small urban area part of the Greater London region, covers only 1.2 square miles. As such, the city of London is actually the smallest city in England.

4. Queen Elizabeth II has been in power for over 66 years, and there are strict rules for those meeting her, such as always arriving before and leaving after her, never touching her, and never turning your back on her.

5. Football is the most popular sport in London, with six of the 20 English Premier League football clubs in the city.

6. Big Ben isn’t the name for the iconic Tower located in the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London.. It’s actually the name for the clock in the Tower. Its real name is Elizabeth Tower.

7. Fish ‘n chips has been a staple meal in London since the 19th century.

8. The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, the British Library and the Wallace Collection are just some of London’s 170 museums.

9. Visitors coming from different nationalities share a large proportion of London’s population. They practice their original traditions and communicate in their native language. Due to this unbelievable diversity in London, it is estimated that there are over 300 languages spoken in London.

10. The English people drive on the left-hand side of the road. However, there is one street in the UK—Savoy Court—where drivers are required by law to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

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