Fun Facts About The Hands

Have you wondered why the Lord Jesus Christ would lay His hands on the sick and ask us to do the same (Luke 4:40, Mark 16:18)? Or why Apostle Paul would tell us to lift our hands when we worship God (1 Timothy 2:8)? That’s because our hands are a way to express God’s love and communicate His healing power to the sick.

There’re numerous amazing things about this most important part of your body; let’s take a moment to look at some impressive, fascinating, and interesting facts about human hands.

1. There are 27 bones, 29 joints, and at least 123 named ligaments in the human hand.
2. What sets our hands apart from other animals’ is our opposable thumbs—this means our thumbs and fingers can work together.
3. You cannot get a tan on your palm and underside of your fingers.
4. No two human beings in the world have similar fingerprints.
5. There are tons of words that include the word “hand”: examples are handy, handwriting, handiwork, handle, handbag, handsome, handball, etc.
6. The average hand length for adult women is 6.7 inches. The average length for men is 7.4 inches.
7. Fingers don’t have muscles—tendons in our fingers are moved by the muscles of the forearm.
8. Men tend to have longer ring fingers than index fingers—women vice versa.
9. The color of the nails and those small “moons” on each nail can identify the quality of oxygen level of the bloodstream and blood circulation.
10. Our fingers are even more sensitive than the eyes—the fingertips have a large number of receptors responsible for sending messages to the brain.
11. Nails stop growing after death.
12. Structurally, fingernails are actually modified hairs.

Hopefully these facts have shed some more light on how our hands are so incredible! We hope you enjoyed reading these facts about your hands and that you learned some new things.

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