10 Interesting Facts About The Holy City – Jerusalem, Isreal.

Jerusalem is one of the most famous cities both in Bible days and in today’s world. It was mentioned 670 times in the Old Testament and 144 times in the New Testament of the King James Version of the Bible, making it the most mentioned city in Scripture and, in modern times, this very ancient city has emerged as one of the world’s tech hubs. Amazing, right?

Here are more eye-opening and interesting facts about the Holy City.

1. Jerusalem is just as old as it is new.: There are more than 2,000 active archaeological sites, and with its millennia-long history, there’s always more to discover underground from centuries past. All the while, the city continues to grow and expand, making it more modern and advanced than you’d expect!

2. It snows in Jerusalem: It is not uncommon to see snow in Jerusalem in its winter season, and even the summer nights still can get chilly.

3. Jerusalem is home to more than 400 high-tech companies.

4. It is not uncommon to see snow in Jerusalem during the winter, and even the summer nights still can get chilly (although not as cold as in winter, of course).

5. Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city in both land mass and population. As of 2022, the population in Jerusalem was 956,849.

6. You can see Bethlehem from Jerusalem! Both cities are within walking distance of each other.

7. Many Jews face Jerusalem, the site of the Temple, every time they pray.

8. Yerushalayim, Hebrew for Jerusalem, contains the word “shalom” which means peace.

9. Jerusalem is a walled city: Its walls are about 2.5 miles long, 40 feet tall, and 8 feet thick.

10. Every Christmas, pilgrims from all over the world troop to pilgrimage sites to observe Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations. However, certain Christian communities celebrate Christmas in January because they adhere to the Julian calendar.

Today, regardless of your cultural, national, religious or ethnic background, you can enter through the gates of the Old City in Jerusalem!

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