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Eight Important Facts About Your Stomach

The stomach is a deep, bean-shaped organ that’s a part of the digestive system, located on the upper side of.



The word “limit” when used as a noun connotes something that binds, restrains, or confines; it refers to the utmost.

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Fun Facts About The Hands

Have you wondered why the Lord Jesus Christ would lay His hands on the sick and ask us to do.

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The Temple Of Solomon

The crowning achievement of King Solomon’s reign was the erection of the magnificent Temple (Hebrew – Beit haMikdash) in the.

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Mount Zion – What You Didn’t Know

Mount Zion is a hill in Jerusalem just outside the walls of the Old City. The term “Mount Zion” was used in the Hebrew Bible first for the City of David (2 Samuel 5:7; 1 Chronicles 11:5; 1 Kings 8:1; 2 Chronicles 5:2) and later for the Temple Mount. In a wider sense, the term is also used for the entire Land of Israel.

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What You Didn’t Know About The Book Of Revelation

There’s no other book in the Bible quite like the Book of Revelation. Many people avoid this important book of the Bible because they think it’s too confusing or frightening. While Revelation may be challenging to understand, to not delve into this book is to miss the most powerful and important Revelation of all: the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Sleep - 5 Important Facts About

Five Important Facts About Sleep

If it takes you less than 5 minutes to fall asleep at night, you’re sleep-deprived. On average, it takes people between 10 and 15 minutes to fall asleep. If you’re falling asleep faster than that, it means you’re overtired.


MANNA – Part One

The name “manna” was derived from the question “man hu,” in Hebrew, meaning “What is it?” (Exodus 16:14-15,35). Exodus 16:31 and Numbers 11:7 respectively described manna thus: “like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey” and “as coriander seed, and the colour thereof as the colour of bdellium.”