Ten Advantages Of Tomatoes In Your Diet.

Ten Advantages Of Tomatoes In Your Diet.

Whether you consider the tomato a fruit or vegetable, the fact remains that it is a great addition to any meal. With an extensive list of essential vitamins and minerals contained in them, tomatoes are loaded with many health benefits.



Sleep is something we all think we know about. After all, it is not only what we all have in common, it’s what we do at least once every day. However, here’re some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about sleep:

Milk and honey

Milk And Honey – Part One

Did you know that the term “milk and honey” originated in the Bible from God’s description of Canaan? Canaan was the country lying between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River—Israel’s “Promised Land” (Exodus 3:8). It signified a fertile land, flowing with ...

Friuts for healthy living

Ten Fruits For Healthy Living – Part One

A healthy balanced diet consists a very of different food types that provide adequate nutrients necessary for good health. One type of food needed to maintain a healthy diet is fruits, which are rich in minerals and vitamins. Forget supplements and fancy super foods, these ten fruits are power packed for a healthier you.


MANNA – Part One

“Manna” is a Hebrew word for the edible substance God fed the Israelites with during their forty-year sojourn in the wilderness. The name “manna” was derived from the question “man hu,” in Hebrew, meaning “What is it?”