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House clean

e. Keep it well-ventilated: Ventilate bath rooms and kitchens, and use whole house ventilation systems to supply fresh air and reduce the concentration of contaminants.

f. Keep it pest-free: All pests look for food, water and shelter, so make your home unconducive for them. Seal cracks and openings throughout the home; store food in pest-resistant containers. If needed, uses ticky-traps and baits, along with pesticides such as boric acid powder.

g. Keep it contaminant-free: Reduce lead-related hazards in pre-1978 homes by fixing deteriorated paint, and keeping floors and window areas clean using a wet-cleaning approach.

h. Keep it well-maintained: Inspect, clean and repair your home routinely. Take care of minor repairs and problems before they become large repairs and problems.

i. Keep it covered: Store food in tightly sealed containers; keep trash in a lidded container. Store what you can in boxes to prevent dust from settling on them.

k. Keep it organized: Put all items in their proper places. Carry out regular sorting to unclog your space. All irrelevant and nonfunctional items/gadgets should be done away with, to create a clutter-free atmosphere.


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