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Tips for better selfies

Mind the background
The background matters. Stage your picture so that your surrounding adds value to it. If you are in vacation, you won’t lack of picture-perfect spots. Otherwise, stick to clear, uncluttered backgrounds.

Lighten up
Use good light and play around with it for various effects: natural light from a nearby window, the sun standing behind you, etc. Portrait photography has a set of lighting rules and effects to inspire you.

Good side, better angle
In the science behind great photography, flattering postures play an important role. For portraits, you should hold camera above your eye level. If you include your chest, remember to stick one shoulder forward.

Why so serious?
A selfie should be an impromptu photo, a moment of free expression. Be inventive, be funnyand show us your cute face.

Edit it
You have already taken a well-composed photo? Enhance it with filters and effects. Play around with it, removing slight imperfections but don’t overdo it.


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