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a. Apple iPhone X The iPhone X offers the best of the iPhone and Apple ecosystem along with the best design in a smartphone we've ever seen. With its outrageously beautiful OLED display that takes up most of the front of the phone, wireless charging,


video games

Nintendo Switchconsole:
Upon its first reveal, the Nintendo Switch marketed itself as a mobile gaming system that not only could be played at home on your television, but also carried around and playable wherever you go. Nintendo’s innovative console makes playing on the go easy and comes with a disassembling controller with split screen options, so you can play with friends.

Hits like Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey have given it a strong line-up. The Switch makes for a great system for parties with its mobile snap-off joy-con controllers – once out of its docking station, it acts like a tablet with its own dedicated screen that can be shared with others through split-screen multiplayer games.

Xbox One X
The Xbox One X capitalizes on its former Xbox One model with some of the most powerful tech you’ll find in a gaming system today. If you’re looking to get the highest sense of realism from a current gaming console with the most powerful displays, the Xbox One X takes the cake.

The Xbox One X contains six trillion floating point operations per second with 326GB/s and 12GB GDDR5 RAM, giving it the most graphical horsepower in rendering native 4K HD graphics at 60 frames per second. This makes games like Call of Duty: WWII have a heightened sense of realism, detailing everything from flowing hair, rays of the sun and clothing fibre. All Xbox One games are compatible and run better on the Xbox One X in Full HD display as well. Microsoft even plans on bringing Original Xbox and Xbox 360 backward compatibility to the system too.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console
It’s latest model, the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console brings an updated version of the system with even more robust power.

The PlayStation 4 Pro version bets up the frame rates for its PS4 games – many to 60 fps – bringing 4K high definition gaming and video streaming, as well as twice the GPU power of a standard PS4. The PlayStation 4’s huge library includes 1,648 games, all of which can be played in HD with its Pro version.

The system is also good for its multimedia functionality, playing Blu-ray discs, as well as streaming TV, music and more with dedicated apps and downloadable games on its PlayStation Store. Due to its popularity, there’s always someone willing to play online with you, so you’ll never miss out on the fun.


Tips for better selfies

Mind the background
The background matters. Stage your picture so that your surrounding adds value to it. If you are in vacation, you won’t lack of picture-perfect spots. Otherwise, stick to clear, uncluttered backgrounds.

Lighten up
Use good light and play around with it for various effects: natural light from a nearby window, the sun standing behind you, etc. Portrait photography has a set of lighting rules and effects to inspire you.

Good side, better angle
In the science behind great photography, flattering postures play an important role. For portraits, you should hold camera above your eye level. If you include your chest, remember to stick one shoulder forward.

Why so serious?
A selfie should be an impromptu photo, a moment of free expression. Be inventive, be funnyand show us your cute face.

Edit it
You have already taken a well-composed photo? Enhance it with filters and effects. Play around with it, removing slight imperfections but don’t overdo it.



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