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mount sinai

Mount Sinai is a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt that is a possible location of the biblical Mount Sinai. The latter is mentioned many times in the Book of Exodus and other books of the Bible. Below are some facts about this mountain:

• Mount Sinai is the place where God spoke to Moses, giving him the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34: 28-29).

• It’s also known as Mount Moses or Mount Horeb.

• The main route leading up the mountain is called Sikket Saydna Musa meaning “The Path of Moses,” a steep stairway of 3,750 steps.

• Near its summit is a natural amphitheater where the 70 elders chosen by Moses waited while God spoke with him (Exodus 24:1-2).

• A Greek orthodox chapel built in 1934 sits atop Mount Sinai today.

• It takes about 3 hours to climb the 7,498-foot mountain following the Path of Moses. However, there’s a less strenuous but longer route called Siket El Basha.


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