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milk and honey

Again, from nature we see that a clear implication of the presence of abundant wild honey is the existence of bees responsible for cross-pollination and production of fruits and seeds in nectar-producing flowering plants, as well as ample water and fertile soil these plants require—all desirable conditions that people dependent on a land’s fertility for their survival cherish. And the ancients certainly observed that honey was most plentiful in areas where their livestock had the best pasture and produced the most milk. Thus, a “land flowing with milk and honey” was symbolic of a greater good—fertility!

Honey represents sweetness, something pleasing and pleasurable. Milk for its part symbolizes superior quality, richness of taste, and nourishment. Milk and honey together thus represent something both nourishing and pleasant.

Israel’s Promised Land “flowing with “milk and honey” was only indicative of the special place God would prepare for those who would become His children by faith. That’s the place we have now been brought into in Christ as God’s Children. It’s a “good and spacious land,” a place of abundance and productivity! So enjoy the nourishment and sweetness the Lord has brought to you in this delightsome land!

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