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The hands


Our hands are very important because we use them all the time, sometimes without realising it: with them, we wash our bodies, eat, drink, worship God, carry different objects and even take phone selfies! They’re God’s incredible gift to us, and here are many other interesting facts about your hands, which you need to know:

1. There are 27 bones, 29 joints and at least 123 named ligaments in the human hand.

2. All hands are unique. As law enforcement agencies know all too well, your fingerprint is unlike any other. Your palm, too, is special in that it is one of the very few areas of the body that is hairless and it contains a pattern that only exists on one person—you. No two human beings in the world have matching fingerprints.

3. You can’t get a tan on your palm and underside of your fingers.

4. The average hand length for adult women is 6.7 inches. The average length for men is 7.4 inches.

5. Fingers don’t have muscles—tendons in our fingers are moved by the muscles of the forearm.

6. Men tend to have longer ring fingers than index fingers—ladies vice versa.

7. The colour of the nails and those small “moons” on each nail can identify the quality of oxygen level of the bloodstream and blood circulation.



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