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clothings5 Simple DIY Clothing Care Tricks

Iron your clothes inside out!

To iron your clothes especially polyester fabric clothings, place a handkerchief in between the iron and the fabric. This will keep them free of shine and looking their best always. Better still iron the back!

Shave annoying pulls off your sweat shirts and hoodies using a shaving stick.

It will keep them looking new again.

Stop the run.

As soon as you get the slightest run or hole in your nylons, take themThen, paint clear nail polish along the border of the hole.  This will prevent spreading.

If you get oil stain on your dress,

wash it and just leave it out in direct sunlight to benefit from the bleaching effect of the sun rays.

Hand wash.

If you wash your clothes by hand especially t-shirts and nylons, the fibers won’t weaken as much as if you laundered it in the washing machine.


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