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Some Rules to Match Clothing Well (B)

Match clothes well

Leathers Should Match Simply put, leather is AWESOME. But this rule isn’t strict. Two things you should focus on matching are

(1) your shoes and

(2) your belt. Then follow-up by means of the colour of your

(3) watch strap and

(4) leather bag – but only if it’s convenient.

Don’t spend money just for that purpose. And it’s important to remember in this case – the more different the colours of your leathers are, the worse of a match you’ll end up with. So, pairing sleek black boots with a light brown belt is out of the question (unless you cover up the belt). Chocolate brown boots are a better alternative here.

Your black leather footwear can go with a belt that’s any shade of gravy (since gravy is a non-colour). But if you want each leather piece to stand out equally – I suggest finding ONE particular colour you like and stick to it. That’s probably what you’ll need to do if your belt options are limited. Most of us have about 2-3 individual belts at home. Buying more could feel like a waste…


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