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Some Rules to Match Clothing Well (A)

Match clothes well

Go for Complementary Over Matching So, if you’re going the “complementary” route – pay attention to the colour wheel. The trick is to ensure the main colours of your wardrobe are as far apart on the colour wheel as possible.

But that doesn’t mean you ought to avoid “matching” altogether. It’s actually safer than “complementary” (as there are cases when people get distracted by a combination of 2+ strong colours you’re wearing). When you’re worried about crossing the line and showing a stark contrast, the fullback is to match your items based on a single colour (like an oxblood belt with oxblood shoes).

In the end, matching = a pretty decent appearance. But it’s not likely going to amaze everybody around you the way a successful “complementary” outfit could. A “bad match” might occur if the colours are closer to each other on the colour wheel, or if there’s more than one bright colour used. But it still beats making random choices and putting no thought! The effort still counts for something.

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