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Growing by tongues

Any Christian, who has received the Holy Spirit but doesn’t speak in tongues, wouldn’t grow spiritually. Some people might not agree with this, probably because they think speaking in tongues isn’t for every Christian. Share your opinion about this.


+2 #1 Edwin Justice 2018-07-14 00:14
He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifies himself as the Bible says. Speaking in tongues is for every believer because it is a way of stirring the anointing of God in you.
The Bibles tells us of how Sampson used to stir up the anointing of God upon him by shaking himself (Judges 15:20). The way he triggered or activated the anointing was by shaking himself.
In 1st John 2:27 The Word of God makes us understand that the anointing which we have received of God abide in us.
That anointing wouldnt work just because it is inside us
Our sure way of stirring up the anointing is to speak in tongues (corinth.14:4)
As a christian you cant do without speaking in tongues its very necessary for a life of the supernatural.

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