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Reach Out World TeeVolution

In our world of over 1.2 billion teenagers/adolescents, research shows that more than half of all these adolescents live in Asia. In absolute numbers, South Asia is home to more teens – nearly 350 million – than any other region and East Asia and the Pacific with about 329 million follow this.

The teen population of South and East Asia dwarfs that of any other region in the world, while teens in the Sub-Saharan African region make up the greatest proportion accounting for 23% of the region’s population.

One key material that the Lord has prepared to reach and impact the lives of our teenagers is the Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional and The Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Bible

These materials are designed to inspire, encourage and strengthen every teenager by providing them with answers from the perspective of God’s Word to questions of critical concern, thereby helping them discover their true purpose whilst programming them for a life of outstanding success.

The Reach Out World TeeVolution Campaign is permeating nations, cities, towns, streets, and schools impacting the lives of teenagers as we prepare them for the rapture of the church through sponsoring the monthly free distribution of the TeeVo Devotional to every teenager as well as is ensuring that every single teenager on the face of this earth also owns as well as have access to the TeeVo Bible.